Voix Du Cabaret

Opera singer Ilona Domnich, jazz pianist Mark Risi and jazz double bassist and flautist Ian Marcus are proud to present ‘Voix du Cabaret’.

What does it mean to live through uncertainty?How does one find light in the darkness?  Let us never lose hope, but instead strive to find love even in times of utmost despair.

Immortal songs made famous by the likes of Marlene Dietrich, Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf, Liza Minnelli and Lotte Lenya provoke the raw elemental questions of life itself and tell of love that wounds and heals, destroys and restores.


In the old days singers/musicians didn’t specialise in one style or one thing. Conductors composed and played instruments and singers sang different styles. It is only recently the idea of being one type of musician came about. 
I have always been fascinated what can my voice do, always pushing the boundaries. I was trained to sing stratospheric high notes and fast coloraturas, dramatically I portray dying heroines and comic flirts. My inspiration for singing cabaret was Theresa Stratas and recently Ute Lemper, two singers who use their voices fearlessly, giving everything for the sake of expression and truth. 
Coming out of my operatic comfort zone and challenging myself to sing with jazz musicians is incredibly exciting. Mark and Ian are such intuitive and creative musicians, they improvise with music, while I improvise with feelings. It’s a perfect combination. We are creating our own unique voice when performing these immortal songs. 


I am really excited by this collaboration. When an Opera singer teamed up with jazz musicians who are also trained classically all exploring the world of cabaret something wonderful happened. A synthesis of these two worlds arose with intriguing possibilities. I am also attracted by the chemistry between the three of us and seems there is fertile ground for further exploration and musical possibilities.


Playing Cabaret has been an ideal outlet for me to unify my love of Jazz and Classical music and the common bonds they hold. As an improvising musician steeped in the American song book and the full spectrum of classical textures, composers such as Kurt Weill and Jacques Brel resonate for me. Ilona, Mark and myself have brought together a collection of ideas generated from our individual experiences musically and culturally. For me this is the blend that creates excitement and passion.